Plasma Logo was established in June 2009 when we first starting importing the Plasmacar.

The PlasmaCar is the best selling of all ride-on toys in the United States and we are the UK's official distributor.

When we first saw in we thought it was revolutionary. An inside or outside toy designed like a trike without any pedals, gears or batteries! More fun than a scooter...and it supports adults and children alike!!!
The PlasmaCar is a multi award winning ride-on toy for adults and children alike - 3 Star Award presented by the Canadian Toy Testing Council, Oppenheim Toy Porfolio Platinum Award 2006! Nominated-Outdoor Toy of the Year 2006! Take some time to read the independent customer reviews on Amazon USA (5 out of 5 stars), Chapters (5 out of 5 stars) and Fat Brain Toys (5 out of 5 stars).

The PlasmaCar is built to last: made from state-of-the-art, high-quality ABS plastics, rugged and durable for kids on the go. The car is deceptively simple, too, both to look at and to operate. It sports six wheels, a seat, footrests, and a steering wheel. But under the hood the PlasmaCar is built to last.

It was designed with both adult and children passengers in mind, and is engineered to be absolutely safe when used appropriately. The PlasmaCar has been extensively tested, and meets or exceeds all significant international safety standards.

Halloween Party Activities with Plasmacar

Posted on | October 21, 2011 | No Comments

Wondering what to do with the kids and all of their energy this Halloween? Don’t fret, the Plasmacar is here to wear them out and get them calmed down. This is a great little plastic care that will ensure plenty of energy is used up while the kids are having a blast. It is low [...]

Time for Indoor Activities

Posted on | October 6, 2011 | No Comments

With the summer over it is time to move the outside fun indoors and you can achieve that with Plasma Car. Oftentimes you find yourself locked in the home with the kids as the weather outside is beginning to change and the rain prevents us from enjoying the outdoors. Kids are hard to control in [...]

Plasma Car for the Office

Posted on | September 7, 2011 | No Comments

Surely you’ve seen those large offices of the contemporary companies, where dogs, games, and an overall open atmosphere is allowed? Wouldn’t it be great if they added a Plasma Car in the recreation room, or even between departments for transportation? It may seem like a very offbeat kind of idea, but it there are many [...]

Picnic Activities: Plasma Car

Posted on | August 15, 2011 | No Comments

There is nothing worse than organizing a big family picnic at the park with lots of food, family, and activities, and still have children melting down and bored. What is usually fun and entertaining for adults doesn’t always turn out to be as entertaining for the kids, and Plasma car is here to help! Oftentimes [...]

Plasmacar as a Grand Prize

Posted on | August 1, 2011 | No Comments

There is an annual Cookie Daze Festival at Rippon and this year the grand prize is a Plasmacar. This Cookie Daze Festival will be taking place for the sixteenth time there. A while ago in 1994 Ripon the Worlds Largest Cookie was baked. The mayor of Ripon proclaimed that from this moment on Ripon will [...]